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You don't have to walk the path alone

Experiencing this in your current job? It is time to reflect your life purpose with the support from a Coach.

  • It is Sunday evening and you are cursing under your breath it will be work next day.

  • You don't feel motivated to complete work items or contribute to conversation.

  • You are daydreaming of what life is away from your job.

  • Wondering when the next pay day is, your pay cheque doesn't take you far.

  • Troubled about your finances and how to meet your repayments.

  • You are feeling under-valued or under-utilised.

  • You doubt if you are in the right job.

  • You unsure what the next step in your career should be.

  • You always dreams about a ‘better day’.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, you're not alone. However, help is at hand!

Try coaching- coaching is a process of personal discovery in support of achieving professional and personal goals. The use of curiosity and creativity encourages clarity and a deep commitment to your goals. A Coach will partner with you on your discovery, mapping and achieving your goal.

I offer a free 30 mins coaching. If coaching is for you, we can partner to explore what gets you out of bed in the morning- Something bigger that you! You can get clarity on what your life purpose is and go on to prioritise the order of priorities in your life/work.

Wrapping up

Here is the link to my calendar.

Leave a comment below and share the blog on your social media platform as some people might also find it useful. In addition, your gesture motivates me to write more. Thank you.

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