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A Journey to Remember: Agile Alliance 2019 Conference Chronicles


The thrill of packing my bags for the Agile Alliance 2023 conference in Orlando brings back memories of my daring escapade at the Agile Alliance conference in Washington DC back in 2019. That adventure was like no other, filled with unexpected twists and turns that made it an unforgettable odyssey of courage and determination.

From the very beginning, the thought of attending an Agile Alliance conference had ignited a spark of curiosity within me. The allure of engaging speakers, vibrant volunteers, and like-minded attendees was irresistible. However, fate had its own plans, and the timing never seemed right. But I was not one to be easily deterred, and I decided to venture into uncharted territory by volunteering for the event.

The road to becoming a purple T-shirted person was not without its challenges. Rumours circulated about the elusive selection process for new joiners, and I had my doubts. But with a leap of faith, I applied, fingers crossed and hope alive. To my surprise, I received an invitation to join the Purple T-shirt People! I wasn't going to miss this once in a life time opportunity and I have find a way to be part of it.

It was during this time that I found myself in a peculiar phase of life, wandering between jobs and with a tightened purse string. Undeterred, I was determined to turn my dream into reality. Airfares were astronomical, and hotels within and near the conference location were simply out of reach. Yet, I refused to back down and embarked on a daring quest to secure my spot at as a "Purple T-Shirter".

Instead of the typical flight experience, I opted for an adventure of a different kind - a 10-hour bus ride from Toronto to Washington DC. Crazy? Perhaps. But that's how fiercely I desired to be part of this transformative event.

What followed was an unforgettable journey on wheels, filled with unexpected delays and bumpy roads. Comfort was a distant memory, and sleep seemed like a fairytale. Yet, amidst the chaos, I felt an inexplicable thrill - the thrill of the journey itself, of embracing the unknown, and the anticipation of what awaited me at my destination.

When I finally reached Washington DC after 14hours, I found myself in humble accommodation arranged by a friend. A motel, with its doors facing the great unknown, kept my heart racing with every creak in the night. But little did I know that the real adventure had just begun.

Stepping into the conference venue, all traces of fatigue and worry dissipated as I soaked in the vibrant atmosphere. There was an electrifying buzz in the air, a feeling of camaraderie that enveloped me like a warm embrace. I was surrounded by Agile enthusiasts from all walks of life, each one sharing their unique story, their passion, and their dreams. The conference exceeded all my expectations. It was an immersive experience, with sessions that challenged my thinking, speakers who inspired me, and connections that ignited my passion for Agile even further. Time flew by in a blur, and before I knew it, it was time to return home.

As I journey back to the present, packing my bags for Agile Alliance 2023 in Orlando, I can't help but smile at the memories of that remarkable adventure. The challenges I faced, the courage I mustered, and the friendships I forged along the way - they all shaped me into the person I am today.

Now, as I prepare to welcome attendees as a board member at this year's conference, I am filled with excitement and gratitude. Agile Alliance's Agile20xx has become not just a conference but a community that empowers and inspires.

So, fellow adventurers, dare to dream and embrace the unknown. Let passion be your guide, and let determination fuel your journey. I look forward to meeting each one of you in Orlando, where new memories and connections await. Until then, bon voyage!

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