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  • Are your teams finding there are too many dependencies and they are unable to work in an iteration. Instead, they focus on what to release to the platforms. They order the backlog based on technical and business value.

  • Are Teams not always working the prioritised backlog nor do they take into consideration the business value, but at least the development team has something to work on? Your team are pulling in work because “we don’t want to be idle”

  • Do you find coordination of teams challenging owing to teams different priorities? Teams are not always working on the highest priority because there is no common goal.

  • Are your Teams working in silos? - They are groups within the team.

  • Are roles and responsibilities not clearly defined? You have some people wearing multiple hats and it becomes confusing to know which hats they are wearing when collaborating with others.

  • Do you feel like you are drowning in multiple and concurrent projects running which puts a lot of pressure on the teams because they are spread across projects?

  • Does the sprints always ‘travelling’ user stories which are out of the control of the teams.  Your team “rollover” sprint backlog items to the next sprint and the next?

  • Does your team sometimes feel there is a lack of trust? Teams don’t support one another within and across teams.

  • Is your team part of a set of component teams and they don’t all focus on the same goal?

  • Do some people on your team get pulled away to work on other projects in the middle of a sprint?

  • Does your team feel the need to work overtime to meet external “commitments”?

  • Does your team keep pulling more work into the sprint backlog without a strategy for completing the sprint?

  • Is your organisation struggling to create visibility for products in progress and in the pipeline?

  • Do you sometimes feel like your development teams are not working on the most important things and perhaps they are not collaborating well?

  • Do you feel like the quality of the team could be better?

  • Does your team demonstrate ownership and accountability? Does it seem like they could be happier?

You are not alone! Almost every organisation I have talked to about teams in the last 10 years have had at least some level of these frustrations.  Send me an email-



Kemmy is a trainer with a wealth of experience and knowledge in agile. However, her training and workshops are not limited to agile/Scrum. She has classes on related topics that help individuals, teams and organisations to be successful in responding to changes in a complex environment.  She uses the Training From The Back of the Room (TBR) techniques in all her training and workshops.  TBR, by Sharon Bowman, is a set of resources, techniques, and principles based on leveraging the way our brains work to design a training event that has maximum learning impact.

What I offer:

  • Private Classes

  • Public classes 

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